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My paintings narrate a tale without words. It is how I express myself, but also a way to share my experience as an urban woman with many who find themselves confronted with the similar setting and the same truth. On the other hand, examining my work, one would agree that the content of my work boasts a structured technical base which is the result of both my artistic background (educated as a teacher for drawing and handicrafts) and years of experience. Gradually, I have developed a unique and expressive style in the realm of visual words. A striking aspect of my works of art is the use of bold colors, blended harmoniously together.

What distinguishes my work from other commissioned works, is the fact that I strive to understand my clients and listen to their inner words which are usually hidden in a given narrative or description. Then I focus my efforts to turning these into a work of art which catches these aspects and touches the inner chords of my client. After all, all of us have a story to tell and choose different media. My aim is to help those who choose a painting to do so.

I am specialized in creating large paintings that provide an exclusive yet personal touch and which will fit both large office locations as well as the intimacy of one’s home.

Furthermore, I organize workshops and courses for those interested in following a painting course. One of my most popular workshops consists of a mini course for companies who wish to organize a journey into the realm of painting for their employees. I am proud that my works of art gain fame and appreciation and are being exhibited, both nationally and internationally. If you are interested I will be glad to provide more information. Simply write an email to me or make a phone call.

Dubai, diverse locaties van mOre cafe (Best Café Winner-Restaurant Awards 2009)

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Lia Kraan (1967)

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'Together' - Oilpainting 1.6 x 1.8 mtr

'Connection' - Oilpainting 1.75 x 1.85 mtr

Oilpainting 1.0 x 1.0 mtr